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Welcome to the BRAC Internship Information Center

This site has been created to help students locate internships in Federal agencies as well as the military units and defense contractors relocating to Maryland as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure Act of 2005. For more information on BRAC, click here "What is BRAC?"

Internships serve many purposes. You, the student, can learn more about a field in which you may work after graduation. In addition, you can experience life in a particular organization, to see whether or not it is an environment in which you would like to work. It is also often possible for you to arrange for college credit for your work. If this is your intent, it is important that you make that arrangement as soon as possible, in order to understand what requirements the professor may require in order for you to receive credit. Many internships provide a salary. The "Detailed Internship Listings" page can tell you if an internship is paid.

For the employer, an internship serves as an opportunity to discover whether or not you are a good "fit" within the company. In addition, companies can begin the process of obtaining a security clearance for you. If you apply to work for the organization full time after graduation, having a security clearance in place is a definite advantage.

We hope you find this site beneficial, and welcome any suggestions you might have. Please email us at

Thank you very much for visiting our site, and good luck on your internship search!

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